Wednesday, February 20, 2008

So much to do

There's really an amazing amount of work involved in the creation of a DVD... this in spite of the fact that 99% of the content going on it was already created. Seriously, I don't recommend it as a hobby and I don't intend to tackle such a task again unless I'm damned sure its warranted.

But its nearing completion. All but a couple of the videos have been cleaned, exported, and the layout for the DVD itself is designed. I still have to pick out a song for the menus, but I've narrowed it to just a few choices. The big task remaining is to burn however many discs I plan to send, try in vain to get my five year old inkjet printer to spit out some labels that will actually work, and get all this over to the post office in a timely fashion. Sometimes it seems like I'll never make it!

Oh, that picture up there is from one of the deleted scenes. I spent the better part of the afternoon getting those cleaned up (and finishing one which was only partially shot). I'm really starting to regret that I didn't include those scenes in the original Koch Hit, because they look better than I remembered them.

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