Thursday, March 13, 2008

On the Koch Cycle

As those who have visited the official site already have discovered, my prequel project has gotten a bit more ambitious. Instead of a single movie, we're going to have 5 (actually 7 if you count the two Koch Hit movies).

Koch Hit will henceforth, at least in the context of the broader series, be known as Koch Cycle Episode Four: A New Hope. KH2 will be Koch Cycle Episode Five: Wrath of Koch. Episode one is virtually all finished, but given so many people are busy with ASC I'm leaning towards waiting until next week to put it out there. Its not just that though, I want to make sure Episode Two is finished too so I can put it out in a timely fashion. Episodes One and Two are very episodic, and it just won't do to make you guys wait too long after a cliffhanger ending.

Optimally, I want to put one out every Friday. Realistically, I might need to take a week off between Episode Three and Episode Six, though I might put together an Episode Four Director's Cut for that week with the deleted scenes restored. Maybe I'll toss in a teaser/trailer for Episodes Six and Seven as well...

Six and Seven are what I'm really looking forward to making. I've got rough outlines for both all written, and I think they'll be a good cap for the series. The prequels... they're fun, and its a good chance to fill in backstory for the uninitiated, and put a more cinematic spin on some of the events we're all familiar with... but you guys basically know what happened.

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Anonymous said...

No, we DON'T know what happened, nor what is the purpose of it all.