Sunday, January 13, 2008

Character Design: From Inception to Filming

Though it may not look like a tremendous amount of time is invested in the design of a given character, that is not always the case. While some characters are indeed slapped together, or in many cases just plucked from the randomly generated actors available in program, creating a recognizable character based on a highly recognizable figure is no small task. Even if much of this work is not obvious to the end user of the trimmed down Google Video version of a given film, there is quite a bit of detail put into the creation of this fellow on the right.

This does tend to lengthen the time a film takes to produce, but how can you put a price on a lovingly crafted Lew Rockwell? All we need to do now is slap some vaguely tinted glasses on him, put him in a suit of some sort, and he's off... ready to strike terror into the hearts of his enemies.

So what sort of adventures will the intrepid paleo-libertarian find himself in next? That would be giving away too much, but rest assured Lew will make his debut appearance in an upcoming work, to be released very soon.

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