Friday, January 11, 2008

A rapidly expanding hit

In addition to the aforementioned publicity coming to our humble third movie, I now I have it on good authority that the movie has also been forwarded to a mailing list for libertarian scholars (not by anyone affiliated with the film, I assure you).

So we can now officially say that there is interest in the film from PhDs in both hemispheres, truly a global phenomenon.

There is not much content on this blog yet, but please bear with us, we'll have something new every day, and we're going to keep this up as long as its funny, and probably a few weeks afterwards just for the sake of completion.

Who knows, 20 years from now you may be saying "I remember that Anarcho-Pacifist Films thing when it was just two blog posts and a bunch of unlisted Google Movies no one seems to be able to find... look at them now".

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